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Wattles won a Silver Medal at the Taste of the West Awards 2009 awards for its Cider Apple Juice, and a Bronze Medal at the 2010 awards for its sheep meat. The prestigious Taste of the West Awards is one of the most highly respected in the food and drink industry, established sixteen years ago. The awards highlight successful and high quality businesses in the South West across food and drink production, hospitality and food retail.

If you want natural, free range meat, cider, cider apple juice, or honey please tell us by email on shop@wattles.co.uk and we will let you know prices and availability.


We guarantee that all meat we sell is from the Wattles pedigree Wiltshire Horn flock. Our lambs are born in spring and continue to suckle their mothers up until summer when they are weaned onto new summer grass. Our lamb meat is delicate in flavour with a hint of sweetness reflecting their diet of ewe milk and grass free of herbicides and pesticides. All our lambs are taken in pairs to be slaughtered locally, hung for one week and then butchered to individual customers requirements. The Wiltshire Horn is a sheep renowned for the quality of its meat and we sell much of the produce to local restaurants. We can guarantee that the meat you buy is the best that can be bought.

We have experimented in sales of older meat. Hogget are lambs in their second spring and summer and mutton in their third. This experiment was a success and we now have limited supplies of hogget and mutton for sale.

Our lamb and hogget is available in ‘half-lamb’ boxes that can be butchered to individual requirements or to our ‘house-cut’ specification comprising: two half legs, chump chops, loin chops, cutlets, shoulder, rolled-breast, and mince.

email: shop@wattles.co.uk for prices

Orchard Products

Our product range now includes award winning cider-apple juice, cider and honey.

Our cider-apple juice is available in trays of 12 - 75cl bottles

Our cider, wholesale, is available in 60 litre plastic barrels

Our honey is available in single jars

Currently, our bottled cider is sold only in France.

email: shop@wattles.co.uk for prices

Live Stock

We currently have a wide range of 'prize winning' sheep for sale, including 'starter flocks' comprising: a ewe lamb, a shearling ewe and 2 ewes plus an unrelated ram lamb - all pedigree and registered. To see pictures of currently available rams, ewes, shearlings and lambs visit www.traditionalcider.com

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